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Christy - Shine and Rise

MHM mainman Christy


What is MileHighMusic

MileHighMusic is a skyship that emits heavenly sounds when prompted and approached in the correct manner. It is piloted with absolute faith and honesty by Christy.

Beginning :

Back in the early 90's Christy's band Zen started recording demo albums which were sold on cassette at local stores in East Anglia and at shows. Thinking it seemed more professional to appear as if you were 'on a label', the monicker Spindly Killer Fish Records was coined in 1993, but fast superceded by MileHighMusic upon the release of Zen's second EP titled Nature vs Nurture in 1994.

Although MileHighMusic has been responsible for a number of releases across the years, the actual company wasn't officially inaugurated until 2007.

Future :

We aim to offer a way for great upcoming bands & songwriters to get their music out across the world regardless of style or where they are based. Being an independant, we do not have the budget of a multi-national corporation and so tend to work alongside our artists to open doors, through our distributors & direct to get their music out. We ourselves are musicians/songwriters, so fully understand how hard it is to get the opportunity to get your music into the shops and in front of the public, but if we like something enough then we will definitely see what we can do to get it out there.
We will also be working through the past catalogues of a number of artists, making available long out of press albums, and unearthing some works which have never seen the light of day. The sky's not the limit...