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Christy lives and plays around London with various friends & bands. Previously he was with the long running, ever evolving Zen and also The Mandrakes but for now they are both at rest. He also started up and runs the independant record label MileHighMusic, and can be found spinning tunes on their podcasts, organises the MHM Anti-Gig Songwriters Guild Acoustic Music Nights and generally is very involved with all the artists found on this site. For more info on his playing with Zen & The Mandrakes visit their respective pages.

Aside from all things MHM, Christy has completed the album Shine & Rise which will be available here and through all good download sites sometime in September. The track listing includes 12 songs collected together from latter day Zen tracks, a few Mandrakes tunes and some solo recordings.

Next up are a couple of totally fresh musical projects...

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