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HEATH! is David Rhee and Stephen Heath, and they are an amplified acoustic guitar and drums duo from Echo Park, California.They met in Los Angeles working at the same restaurant, and it was over their mutual dislike of bussing tables that they formed a band. But I digress.

HEATH!'s live performance is pure, electrifying, and akin to a stand-up comedian who cracks us up spontaneously, then breaks into an infectious display of honest and soulful songwriting about his long gone dog or the near impossibility of communicating with our families. In ’06 Stephen and Dave hit the road, playing 11 shows from London to Paris, selling hundreds of CD’s and gaining a formidable fan base for their first real European tour (Stephen played three solo shows in London in ’05). Stephen is currently recording a video E.P., writing new material, putting together shows for another UK foray, and promoting their latest CD.

With only two members, Stephen and David have to use all of their powers to fill each song, to make every song count, to bring every song to life. Honesty is paramount, honesty in subject matter, performance and in how they are laid to tape; no over dubs, recorded live, self produced, they are recorded in a large brick room on an inconsistent reel to reel four track. Mistakes, botched harmonies, lyrical lapses all turn into something else. Something alive and varied, with nooks and crannies to grab onto, places to hide, and things to discover. The stories are about growing up and rocking out, dogs and families, regrets and remembrances, of times gone by, places of yore, and bowls of oatmeal.Enjoy.

Heath's debut download single will be available through MHM soon.

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