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The Mandrakes

The Mandrakes ran from 2005 to 2007 cutting a number of demos and playing live around London to great reviews. Using harmony vocals on most songs and with dual lead guitars in their arsenal, the Mandrakes were becoming a formidable live band and were only just scratching the surface as regarding their recordings, where more than a hint of experimenting went on.

Happy to bang out 3 minute symphonies or let their Davis/Coltrane inspired muse lead them to uncharted waters, there really wasn't a bag to put them in and there certainly isn't another band like them out there anywhere at present.

There are a number of finished recordings by the band, some of which appear on Christy's Shine & Rise album, available here, though it would be nice to compile the finished recordings into an extended EP. That will ultimately be decided by the members of the band, don't hold your breathe, but watch this space for details.

The Mandrakes were:

Colin of Dale - guitar/keys/b.vox
Johnny Thunder - drums/b.vox/percussion
Christy Mandrake - guitar/vox/keys/harp
Rich 'Dicky' Starr - bass/vox/harp/xylophone

Sound bite:

Prepare for an aggregation of the psyche orchestra of sound colours woven by the mighty Mandrakes. Bring whistles and bells, bring submarines and kaleidoscopes, bring positive attitudes and bring your friends! An oral explosion awaits your mind. Soft waves of acoustic pleasure in dispersed with electric sonic rockets. Prepare for take-off.

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