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Tuesday Heartbreak

Dennis Dine and James Tobin met Ceri James, an old music friend of Dennis', in New Cross promoting new artists. Ceri, already established as a solo artist with a number of releases, provided a third strong member to the fledgling group bringing a more angular feel to the music. The band now had the core songwriters and vocalists, the band now needed a drummer who could be intuitive and able to work with James' complex and challenging melodic and jazz influenced bass lines, so they recruited Michael.

As a four piece, Tuesday Heartbreak, were gaining a good reputation in South East London in 2006-2007, quickly moving up the gig ladder into bigger central London venues. Not wanting anything to hold them back musically they added Emma as keyboard player and percussionist.

In August '07, with a single cut and video shot, the band launched their release at London's Water Rats. The reviews were great, as can be seen below, but as often happens in a band with so many songwriters, there wasn't a large enough canvas for so many brushes. With limited opportunities to record, frustrations grew and the band decided to split so they could each record solo albums. At least we have the cracking Tuesday/Rich Girl single as testament to the bands abilities. It's available here to download and on CD single.

Ceri James & James Tobin are both releasing music through MHM, so check the store and artists links for more information.
SINGLE REVIEWS: Tuesday Heartbreak - Poor Little Rich Girl/Tuesday, 24/07/2007
‘They expertly compliment their own unique and buoyant sound with more traditional undertones not too dissimilar to the mighty Beatles themselves’ - Tiff Woosley, TSM Radio

'Timeless British pop that brings to mind everyone from The Beatles to the Kinks and Magic Numbers to Belle And Sebastian'. - Lee Puddefoot, smashmusic

''Rolling rhythms and spiralling melodies, Tuesday Heartbreak encapsulate everything that is great about British pop from The Beatles to The Kinks and beyond. The multilayered harmonies put their arms around you and make you sing-a-long.'' - The Windmill, Brixton

GIG REVIEW:''Tuesday Heartbreak, this was a late entry I understand, did rock my sock off, and I could easily spend an entire evening shaking to their melodic rock songs. Look at them on stage and you find four different individuals, all demonstrating their art with a lot of heart and soul. The songs had nothing to do with the demos on myspace, they were just wonderful live gifts to the audience, pure raw rock''. -
Jetsepp, (Gazfest3 review)

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