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Copyright disclaimer: With few exceptions - Technicolour Web of Sound - there is little to no opportunity to hear most of the non-MHM music heard in our podcasts. Even the 'big names' included are never played on any radio stations that I know of, and of those that are, you can guarantee it'll be the same old safe 'hits' and not the more interesting album tracks. The songs included here are played with love, respect and for fun, none of them are complete, all have intro/outro chatter or jingles mixed in and absolutely no money is made from their use. The majority of the recordings are by obscure - even in their day - bands, with the hope that someone out there might hear and appreciate their music and actually go out and BUY it themselves. If there is any artist or company that feels that we should remove any song, please let us know and we will do so immediately. We just love the music and want people to hear it.

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