Nathan Persad I Bet You Say That To All The Guys cover

Nathan PersadI Bet You Say That To All The Guys / Valentino
MHMDD00028 - 05/09/11

The fabulous new single from Nathan Persad, an uplifting double A-side mixing just about every style there is in a way which is very much Nathan's own. Watch the videos on Youtube and get yourself the single now! If you buy the full single for £1.10, you will also get an exclusive mono mix of I Bet, so what are you waiting for?!?

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No Time For Childhood cover

ChristyNo Time For Childhood MHMDD00026 - 18/04/11

A new EP containing a life suite. Leading off, a pop balladry look at the energy & naivity of youth in A Short Goodbye, followed by the confusion of loss in the country psyche of Did You Cry When I Died, and rounded off with a mellotron universe heavy cover of Across The Universe.
3 songs coming in at over 15 minutes, an ordinary single this is not!

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Ewa Reciak Powiedz Mi To cover

Ewa ReciakPowiedz Mi To MHMDD00023 - 27/09/10

Ewa's a young exciting singer-songwriter from Poland. Powiedz Mi To, her 12 track debut album recorded in London, weaves together subtle guitar sounds and original tone of voice which let her create exceptionally warm and atmospheric songs, which are influenced by jazz, classical music and romantic love ballads/songs. Listen & enjoy!

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Nathan Persad Lisa Pt II cover

Nathan PersadLisa Pt II / Girl On The Spectrum
MHMDD00022 - 26/07/10

Determined to leave behind the days of 2-minute pop singles with the lyrics "yeah" and "girl" in them, Streatham's Nathan Persad is releasing a 6-minutes pop single... with the word "girl" in the title and "yeah" shouted over and over again.
That, folks, is "Girl On The Spectrum", a double A-side with the far catchier and accessible tribute to Prince "Lisa Part II"

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Christy Shine and Rise cover

ChristyShine & Rise MHMDD00021 - 31/11/09MHMCD00021 - 25/05/10

Shine & Rise includes 12 songs collected together from latter day Zen, Mandrakes tunes, a Beatles cover and some solo recordings, a mix which are sure to swirl through your brain like an acid drenched carousel in the land of Oz.
"a heady blend of folk, punk & psychedelia for a 21st century audience." Jaspre Bark

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Honeycube CD cover
£5 Download - £5 CD
HoneycubeHoneycube MHMCD012 - Out on 05/10/09

12 songs with influences ranging from Dinosaur Jr, Pavement, Hendrix and Nirvana, Honeycube have been described as Ballroom Grunge and a band powered with all the anxiety, recklessness and grease of a Gumball Rally.
"catchy and infectious... keeps you listening to the end..." Gravity Guide

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Christy London City Dreams cover

ChristyLondon City Dreams MHMDD015 - 01/06/05

Recorded 2004, a very limited release in mid 2005, London City Dreams & it's B-side Dellow Street are both home demos, but both being strong songs and unlikely to be re-recorded in the near future, it makes sense to issue them here exclusively on the MHM download store in their stark unpolished maximum charm versions, enjoy!

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Tuesday Heartbreak Poor Little Rich Girl cover
£0.99 Download - 2 songs
Tuesday HeartbreakPoor Little Rich GirlMHMCDS003 - Aug 07

Counting for half of their double-A side single release, Poor Little Rich Girl with its hint of summery hues is quite unlike anything else scanning the current music radar. It is Tuesday Heartbreaks choice of inspiration over recreation that really allows them to shine, in a way that no other could. - TSM Radio

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Mark Sampson - The London Eye cover
£1.50 Download - 3 songs
Mark SampsonThe London EyeMHM003 - July 05

Mark appeared on 'The New Cross: An Angular Sampler' CD which was voted best compilation of 2004 in NME. He also cut the single Seagulls before recording this SE London landmark for MHM.
Mark is a true troubadour, laying down lyrics of truth without pretence or worry for fad and image. He sings what he sees and he sees you!

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The 286 A Victory for Battalion 286 cover

The 286A Victory for Battalion 286
MHMDD00027 - 11/07/11

The 286 deliver an EP that appears both simple and yet insanely complicated at the same time. A 7 piece band from London, The 286 cross the genres of rock and classical music. The irresistible combination of cellos and violins backed up by a powerful Motown-esque backbeat, The 286 present a mini concerto! What better way is there for The 286 to introduce themselves to the world than with a 'Hello'!?
Buy direct from MHM for just £2.49, saving a whole pound on buying elsewhere!

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John TC Ashdown Gold or Silver cover

John TC AshdownGold or Silver / Athena MHMDD00024 - 15/11/10

'Gold or Silver' is a slow, dark, sometimes haunting piece, with different guitars woven amongst cello and violin lines, lyrically, it tells a story of wanting the things in life that are not yours to have, and compares that feeling to valuable treasures. 'Gold or Silver' is backed up by it's faster, funkier twin, 'Athena'.

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Nathan Persad Since 1978 cover
£5 CD - £5 Download
Nathan PersadSINCE 1978MHMCD008 & MHMDD008 - July 08

A clever collection of 11 songs authentically & lovingly crafted by Nathan, that pay tribute to the great age of popular music. This is fun, fresh, exciting, a joy! It has humour, it has passion, it rocks like a mo-fo, it pleads for love, it says goodbye, it says hello! Your life will be richer for owning this album!

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Mark Sampson I Live Not Where I Love cover

Mark SampsonI Live Not Where I Love MHMDD016 - 01/08/07

A lilting ballad, this song finds Mark in more reflective and soulful territory than the previous single, whilst still retaining all the first-hand honesty you would expect from London's only real troubadour.

A gem, enjoy...

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Ceri James Start & Begin cover
£3 CD
Ceri JamesSTART & BEGINMHMCD007 & MHMDD007 - June 08

Start & Begin, includes the single Start & Begin (6/9), plus elements from a wide variety of musical genres. From jazzy ballad lint of Without My Girl to the racous grunt of Cavalier Blues to the honesty of Deptford Broadway, this 10 track album has a distinctly unique sound.

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Zen Devil cover
£1.50 Download - 3 songs
ZenDevil Take Me DownMHMCDS001 - June 04

Zen's debut single wears its influences very firmly on its sleeve while still managing to sound highly fresh and contemporary. Like all the best musicians who pay homage to the work of previous artists, Zen don't simply replicate the sound of their influences they build and expand upon them. What they've produced is a heady blend of folk, punk and psychedelia for a 21st century audience. - Jaspre Bark

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Various Artists Replugged in New Cross cover
£5 CD - 23 songs
Various ArtistsReplugged in New XMHMCD007 - June 06

23 superb tracks from artists and bands based and connected to the area. After the success of the acoustic Raw and Unplugged in New Cross which finished No.6 in Rough Trade's Best Compilations of 2005 this remarkable follow up contains songs by many of London's best songwriters and bands. Note - close to selling out!

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